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My name is Tifé, I’m 19, and I’m *that* person who likes to take pictures of their food when they eat.  I’m a Law student, which means I do a lot of comfort eating; this varies from dirt cheap takeaways to stress baking – yes, it’s a thing. I happen to have a boyfriend who is also a massive foodie, so we are always looking for new places to try out that won’t judge us when we ask for three desserts. Food has always been a huge part of my life – being from Nigeria, West Africa, I’ve been lucky enough to experience the best of both African and English cultures when it comes to cooking.

I’ll be reviewing both new places and my fave spots to eat in Birmingham and London, and I have a few holidays lined up so we can take this blog international too. I’ll also be posting my fave recipes to make, as I really don’t think me going to a different restaurant every week is a good idea (*cries in overdraft*).

The main thing I’ll be looking for in my reviews is affordability – obviously as a student you can’t afford to be breaking the bank every time you want to go somewhere nice to eat, so I’ll be reviewing places that I feel have student friendly prices. However – if you do want to splash the cash, I’ll also review places that are a bit more extravagant too.

P.S, I’m a firm believer in the Oxford Comma, sorry not sorry.

Hope you enjoy my blog!

T 🙂 x



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